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The Plight of Sharks

An evening with Sean Samer

By Eleanor Knight Want to listen to the full interview? Click here! 


Dozens of environmentally conscious individuals gathered at Sustainable Surf Collab last Wednesday to listen to the experiences of Marine Conservationist, Sean Samer. 

For years, Sean has witnessed the magnificent beauty of sharks. Swimming with these arguably ‘misrepresented’ creatures since he was 5-years-old, it is evident he is wholeheartedly mesmerised by their charismatic nature, intelligence and fundamental role within the marine ecosystem.

However, with the ever-growing rise of both legal and illegal shark finning, the future of these apex predators is a very uncertain one. It is estimated the international shark finning industry is responsible for 100 million shark deaths every year—although it is impossible to be certain of a definite figure due to the elusive nature of the trade. 

Shark fin soup, otherwise known as ‘fish wing soup’, is a prestigious delicacy throughout China, and the primary reason these highly intelligent animals are hunted. According to Sean, all species of sharks are under threat, including hammerheads, whale sharks, black tips, and even endangered great whites.

Bali Sharks

Bali Sharks is a conservation nursery that poses as a lifeline to sharks that would otherwise be killed and sold for their fins. The organisation encourages local Balinese fishermen to sell sharks to them, rather than landing them on the beach where they would be slaughtered and sold for food. 

Over the last year, Sean has been working with the team at Bali Sharks, nurturing both babies and fully grown species, before releasing them back into the wild. 

To find out more about the work Bali Sharks is doing in the area, visit