Panamuna is the result of a group of ocean lovers trying to make people look good and feel comfortable in the most ethical and eco-friendly way possible.

We at Panamuna stand for everything sustainable, renewable, and recyclable. People have had such a huge impact on the health of our planet, but we do not need to put our own comfort and luxury in front of what is truly important any longer. It's about time we start doing our bit to help the world get back on its feet. And we want to assist you to do your part to do just that.

Designed on the Tweed Coast of Northern NSW, we respect and pay tribute to our indigenous First Nations people whose land we are upon.

The name Panamuna comes from Modern Murri, an indigenous Australian Aboriginal dialect, and means 'ocean'. We are deeply rooted in the ocean and on the land on which we stand, and we dream of contributing positively to the environmental challenges our world faces.

That dream includes you!
Each and every Panamuna product upholds the belief that when we create something from pure intent and with our impact in mind, then the benefits spread far wider than to just the person wearing our gear.
Our production?
Our net release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere with each product?

Practically zero.

Join our group of like-minded people, the Conscious Minds Crew,and help start a conversation for the planet's sake.
Shop clean. Shop Panamuna. Today!