Want to make an even bigger impact with your purchase?

Here is a way to Create Change for both the Environment and for another worthwhile organisation or individual whose work is making a difference.

As part of our social conscience and our commitment to create change, Panamuna is proud to introduce you to one of our projects:

T-Shirt for a Purpose allows us to collaborate with like-minded organisations and individuals on projects close to their heart.

100% of all profits from the sale of the t-shirts from this collection will be donated to the organisation or individual that the t-shirt has been designed for so that they can continue to do the inspiring work they are doing.

Through your purchase, you are not only buying a stylish, sustainable and ethical tee, you are also making a difference by choosing to support others who are making a difference in our community.

These groups are working both locally, nationally and internationally, and you are helping to spread their message.  Your purchase will have a far reaching, positive impact, whilst you still end up with a super cool tee– it’s a win:win all round!

We know that our combined support of their projects will allow them to follow their dreams and make an impact in a world where action needs to be taken.

Support one of our chosen organisations or individuals now!