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Plastic Free July by Britney Tuner

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As plastic free July comes to a close, I shall continue to minimise my use of plastic products, especially those that are single use. There were definitely some slip ups and moments where I felt ultimately hopeless- we sure do live in a plastic world.
But consider that 70% of the oxygen we breathe is produced by marine plants and 97% of the earths water supply is contained in the ocean.
Our daily actions have a domino effect on the state of the environment. It is up to us as earthwalkers to make conscious consumer choices to protect the ocean and all the life it holds.
Quit using straws, plastic bottles, shopping bags, disposable razors, face products with micro beads, and takeaway containers. These simple changes are the recipe for doing your individual part in minimising harm.
There is only one ocean and it is suffering. It is more important than ever that we step up and be the change that we wish to see 💙🐋

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