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How can you make an impact this Christmas?

Christmas is fast approaching and it sure has been one hell of a year! With so much change to the way we live our lives dealing with the COVID 19 crisis, we all deserve some time to relax, unwind and celebrate the festive season with our closest family and friends.

Unfortunately, Christmas is also a time when we tend to lose sight of what is truly important. The impact of our celebrations on the environment is ignored and we are encouraged to overspend in the hope of purchasing the biggest and brightest gift.

We have all been caught in this trap. There are a few simple changes you can make that will assist you to put some eco-friendly into your Christmas celebrations.

1. Consider where you are purchasing from - the more you purchase from local, small businesses the less the carbon footprint is for that item. In addition to this benefit, you are supporting your local economy and assisting small businesses to recover from the impact of COVID 19.

2. Consider wrapping gifts in recycled wrapping paper or use reusable items, such as tea towels, table cloths and sheets

3. Send eChristmas cards, or cards that can be planted to give a gift that keeps on giving.

4. Choose a Christmas Tree with a difference - don't opt for the standard Christmas tree. Pick a disused branch and add some homemade decoration and LED fairy lights

5. Give the gift of a donation - there are many options out there. Buy a goat for a family in need, adopt an animal, offer your time to a homeless shelter, all of these would be valuable ways to show someone you care about them and the world in which we live out.

6. Use table clothes and reusable cutlery and plates on your festive table to reduce the amount of plastic and paper waste going into landfill

Employing some of these simple steps into your Christmas routine will make a huge impact on you and our environment.