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Have you checked your Mental Health lately?

We all know that taking the time to assess our own mental health is super important; however, we rarely find the time to do it. During a pandemic, it is even more crucial for people to make sure they are looking after themselves. With social isolation and financial hardship impacting many, it is easy to put our mental wellbeing on the back burner.
One great way to combat poor mental health is to reconnect with nature. There have been many studies conducted over the years that have produced conclusive evidence that being in a natural environment has a positive impact on our state of mind. Another proven strategy to help improve mental health is to physically move our bodies with high intensity exercise. Surfing combines both ideas into one activity, and the benefits of surfing as a therapy are now starting to be understood more widely.
If you are experiencing some challenges with your mental health, why not try your hand at surfing – it is a great mood regulator, it grounds you and connects you with nature, and it is a heap of fun.