Wow! What a weekend at SE QLD/NTH NSW

June 06, 2016

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Wow! What a weekend at SE QLD/NTH NSW

The first weekend of winter brought with it many surprises.  Friday afternoon saw the weather turn and the rain start. It was slow and steady, but nothing to be concerned about.
It wan't until Saturday, when the sky was a forever sea of grey and the rain beat relentlessly at the roof, that there was any sign of what was to come. In less than a 24 hour period SE Qld/ Nth NSW was inundated by a continuous downpour of over 350mm, resulting in flash flooding caused by the Tweed River breaking its banks.
Come Sunday there was barely a sign of what had happened the day before.  Blue skies and brilliant sunshine stretched to the horizon, and the only clue as to what Mother Nature had served up the previous day was the pumping 6 to 8ft plus swell.  
Here are some images taken at Tweed Coast, NSW by Leo Cabral

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June 13, 2016


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