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The “C Word”

We all know that dirty, dirty word and we hate to say it. Yet it’s used every day and we are constantly around it. Yep, that’s right, it’s cotton. But cotton production is changing and Panamuna is trying to be one of the leaders of this evolution. Here at Panamuna we use a different type of cotton called organic cotton. Organic cotton requires 91% less water to produce compared to normal cotton, and growers don’t use any insecticides or herbicides. It is also free from any genetic modification.

Right about now you’re probably thinking, ‘Yeah, well that sounds great but what does that actually mean?’ By making the conscious choice to buy an organic cotton T-shirt you are not only saving water, but you are keeping the soil healthy for crop growth in the future.

We can blame the conventional cotton industry for drying up the worlds 4th largest lake, formerly known as the Aral Sea. The Aral Sea now sits at 10% of its original capacity, and with several failed attempts of returning the sea back to its original size it’s really time we start to look at how our clothes are being manufactured and the impact that has on our planet.

One myth you may have heard of is that organic cotton t-shirts use more water to produce. Although this may be the case for one individual shirt, as soon as you are producing more than one shirt at a time the tables turn due to the water used for irrigation when using chemicals. With companies producing thousands upon thousands of shirts at a time we begin to see a massive difference in the sustainability of organic cotton T-shirts.

In a world of money hungry fools, greedy businessmen and a screwed-up industry, pick a brand that stands out.

By Ryan Roberts