It's our turn to change the tide

A project like this needs more than one swing at it to make a difference! That’s why, on the 4th of November, the Panamuna Crew joined the Silkwood Youth Ambassadors and set sail to South Stradbroke Island once again. They were joined by volunteering senior students, alumni from Silkwood School and the same dedicated partners,Jacobs Well Environmental Education Centre, Gold Coast Catchments and Reef Check. With the number of debris collected being 7,728 in total, we can only hope that the lessening amount is a good sign. 

We started the day by splitting into three different groups, one to collect the large items of debris, one collecting micro plastic and the last auditing the debris that was collected. All jobs required commitment and a persistent attitude, and those things were brought in spades-full by all who helped. 

Less micro plastics were found this time, a big relief given the massive issue micro plastics pose to the environment and wildlife. The majority of the debris consisted of plastic fragments and bottles/containers. A lot of rope and bottle lids were found as well. All the debris was audited in an organised fashion thanks to Silkwood Alumni and Silkwood Youth Ambassadors. 

In the end, we hope that our contributions help make a difference as well as encourage others to do the same. The Panamuna Crew are thankful they were given the chance to be apart of something so inspiring and look forward to their next endeavour. 

Written by Amaya Coburn 

Find more of her work at: 

We'll be continuing the project in 2020 with Silkwood School and the Youth Ambassadors . Thanks for your support!

Protect the Sea. Pick up Debris.