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Blue The Film

Last Tuesday, we were lucky enough to host a sold out fundraiser and screening of the multi award winning documentary, 'Blue The Film’. Madison Stewart introduced the film, in which she features. Madison is an inspiring Shark Advocate as well as one of National Geographic's Young Conservationist of the Year. 

In the film Madison is an Ocean Guardian and visits an Indonesian fish market, where she exposes the massacre of hundreds of sharks caught just for their fins.  In this process the fin is hacked off before the rest of the body is thrown back into the ocean. We are proud to support Madison’s project ‘Tourism vs Shark Fishery’ so she can continue her work in Indonesia fighting shark finning and encouraging local fishermen to use alternative practices.

On the night, we launched a month long fundraising raffle to create further awareness for shark conservation. The incredible prizes to be won include: two framed photographs from our friend Fran Miller (a local, internationally recognized photographer who specialises in fine art surf and water photography); a Panamuna Project gift voucher and a SUP Wilderness Adventures package worth $200.

We are honoured to support a cause that is so close to our hearts here at Sustainable Surf Collab. There was such an overwhelming response to the film that we are excited to announce we will be having a second screening on the 5th of May. 

Please check out the trailer and head to our events page on our website now to book your seat for 'Blue The Film'.