'As Above, So Below’ by Britney Tuner

'As Above, So Below' is a collection of pieces by local Gold Coast artist Britney Turner. With works that explore the beauty and wonder of the ocean, Birtney's unique stye captures the majesty and esence of the life blood of our planet.
Growing up on the East Coast of Australia, Britney always felt a natural affinity for the ocean and appreciated its marine creatures great and small. In 2015 she decided to quit her university degree in criminology to dedicate a year to reevaluate herself, her goals and her values.
From this change Britney was granted complete freedom. She switched to a vegan lifestyle, started working in conservationa nd reignted the creative flame.

These days you can find her working in a nursey in the Valley as a plant propagator and painting as much as she can. Britney has already release a few series in 2017, one of which she created in collaboration with Sea Shepherd to awareness for moving toward a plastic free society.

Britney's insiration for her art, but particilarly that pieces in 'As Above, So Below', is the sea and the incredible life it is home to. Through blue hues and the use of mystic realism, the pieces aim to inspire and encourage humanity to stop the destruction to the oceans and to preserve all the beauty which they hold.