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The Plight of the Shark

The shark finning industry has the most detrimental impact on shark populations worldwide. An estimated 80-100 million sharks are killed every year for the shark meat and shark fin industry, creating one of the greatest problems facing our earth today.

With our oceans being pushed to the limit by human-created pressures (climate change, pollution, overfishing, etc), the last thing we need is an ocean absent of sharks. Being a keystone species, sharks are a vital component of the ecosystem surrounding them. To remove sharks from the oceanic ecosystem is to disable the ecosystem structure, which creates a butterfly effect, both up and down the food chain.

Sean Samer is a passionate advocate for the conservation of sharks. He has seen first-hand reef systems that have been fished out of sharks and he will never forget the barren and empty feeling of what should be a flourishing healthy reef system. Please come join us at Sustainable Surf Collab on Wednesday 20 September from 6pm for an incredible talk on the shark fishing industry: how it works, who is involved, and what we can do to help put a stop to it.

We all have the power within us to make change—we just need the right tools and motivation. Let's do it!