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Surfacing by Ellythea

Sustainable Surf Collab in conjunction with Panamuna are proud to present ‘Surfacing’, the first solo exhibition for young, up and coming artist Ellythea Wahlstrom. A freelance photographer since 2015, Ellythea specialises in capturing oceanography and seascape images.
Ellythea first discovered her love for underwater photography whilst swimming alongside beautiful marine life and truly amazing reefs along the Coral Coast of Northern Queensland. At only 18 years old, she has lived her entire life on the Gold Coast, however she has been lucky enough to have travelled and explored some amazing parts of the country in which we live, and more recently has visited Moorea in Tahiti, drawing inspiration from these adventures.
Photography has become a huge part of Ellythea’s life and as things are changing in our natural world she is now more aware of the urgency to protect our marine environments from dying. With her work she aims to help preserve and protect our ocean by drawing attention to what we cannot afford to lose, and hopefully never will.

Come and celebrate with us the opening of this exhibition on Wednesday 4th October from 6-8pm at the Sustainable Surf Collab, 105/87 Griffith Street, Coolangatta.