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The world needs to be a better version of itself and for that our seas need to be healthier. The Salty Tee from Panamuna Project harkens back a pure, salty, sea life.

We only use ethical methods to create and design our tees and the Salty Tee champions our belief. The Salty Tee uses 100% ethically sourced organic cotton that is light on your skin. The entire creation of the Salty Tee is a carbon-neutral process. We also make sure our products follow the GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard, and efforts of Carbon Trust, Fair Wear Foundation, and Soil Association. You will feel the difference on your skin when you wear the Salty Tee. 

The sophisticated and minimalistic prints on the tees are designed with water-based ink and we print on demand. By doing this, we make sure you get perfectly handcrafted tees while wasting zero resources. 

The Salty Tee is not just a beautifully soft tee, it's a way of life. It's about time we start doing the right thing for the vast blue. Order the Salty Tee to be part of the tribe, today!



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