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Youth 4 Beaches is a non-for-profit organisation that is trying to make a positive difference towards the environment. We strive to lead and inspire young people to step up, take action and keep our beaches clean and happy! Our mission is to be an environmental organisation that inspires youth to start leading healthy, sustainable, and environmentally friendly lifestyles within the community, and make it fun at the same time!


Youth 4 Beaches exists because a small group of young people who were passionate about the ocean saw that there needed to be something done to protect it. They realised that there had to be something done about the amount of litter in the environment (on the beach in particular) and people’s attitude towards leading sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyles. They decided that they needed to focus on their generation, the youth. They settled on the idea that if they were going to make a change, they would have to start with their peers.


Youth 4 Beaches has a small group of young people who are passionate about the environment who attend the events with a keen and willing attitude. Each Youth 4 Beaches event has different and new people attending it, these newbies are welcomed with open arms because the more the merrier!


Youth 4 Beaches is based on the Gold Coast, and hold the majority of their clean ups at Burleigh Heads. Clean ups are one of Youth 4 Beaches most regular events – about one every month – and are an awesome way to get involved with our organisation and make a positive difference to the environment.

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