Uke Presented

Why Uke?

Uke is fun. if you ever dreamt of learning an instrument, Ukulele is a great starter. Uke is portable, friendly, and offers a good life pursuit in your own quest to learn new things. It’s a great conversation starter, time killer and will make those around you smile. 

Whats not to learn?

You don’t have to be good at Uke to enjoy it. Equally, if you want to pursue it to prodigal levels, the challenge is there. From your first strum to the complexities of advanced playing; nobody stops learning Uke, we’re all just at different levels. 

 5 Song Strategy

- - - - - - - - - - - - 

The aim is to get you up and playing five songs. From those five songs we will breakdown the basics of chords, strumming, timing and structure so that you finish the course with enough tools to start teaching yourself. 

Set a goal. 

The goal is at the end of the course we throw a “Uke Party” in celebration and perform our five songs.

Having a goal is a good idea to work toward and mark your own progress against. Sure, we’ll all bee at different levels, but, we will still all be playing the same song together for fun!