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The Petri Dish - Breeding Culture

The Petri Dish - Breeding Culture is proud to present:

A group exhibition by 3 local artists
Shmick Creations | Curious Nature| AllfreyArts

This not-to-be-missed exhibition draws influence from our natural enviroment and the laid back surf culture we live in. Each artist has created work to the theme using various mediums.


Opening night is Saturday 11 November from 6-9pm.
VENUE : Sustainable Surf Collab
show runs untill December 8th

Michael Motteram-Smith aka (Shmick) is a freelance artist from Northern NSW, Casting his hand across various mediums from murals to music labels, sculpture to fine art, charity projects to clothing brands, SHMICK is a multifaceted creative.

Byron based artist michael cox has never been too far from a pad and pen for as far back as he can remember. Allegedly diagnosed with ADD from a young age, ironically never had too much trouble focusing for days at a time on an art piece. What was a therapeutic practice has now developed into a passion, journey and way of life

Allfrey painted everyday on ply wood surface constructed in his yard, painting over paintings because “the next one will be better than the last”. Now painting largescale murals and canvas for a living, it is a fulfilling lifestyle.