Uke can do it! - 10 week Ukulele Course

June 30, 2018

Uke can do it! - 10 week Ukulele Course

Sustainable Surf Collab will be hosting the "Uke Can Do It" workshop. Across 10 weeks you will have Skotty teaching people of all levels to play the 'Uke'. You can see the details (prices & dates) further down, but first, let’s talk a little bit about why the Ukulele is so amazing!


So does the Ukulele really coming from Hawaii? Well the answer is yes and no! It is actually inspired from themachete, which was brought to the islands by Portuguese immigrants in the 19th century. The Hawaiian people invented the ukulele to create similar sounds, mostly because the King of Hawaii at the time,  King Kalākaua, mastered the instrument after watching some street concerts from the Portuguese. The rest of the United States adopted the new guitar-like instrument in the early 1900s, which lead to the now internationally well known and beloved ukulele.


Year after year, the Ukulele keeps on increasing in popularity across the world. It is used for school music classes for tens of thousands of kids in Canada, the allure of the instrument is spreading throughout the UK and the ukelele is also making some appearances in the most unexpected music styles such as country and jazz. Because the Ukulele is so easy to carry around and of quite an accessible value, more and more people chose it over other types of string instruments.


Now that you know how wonderful Ukulele is, you probably won’t want to miss the chance to learn how to play it! Let this next song take you daydreaming about the perfect waves of the North Shore of Hawaii while you read the details of the workshop.



If you are not planning on going to Hawaii this winter, why not let Hawaii come to you by joining Skotty, our Coolangatta Ukulele master, who will teach you all you need to get started! It will start on Monday, 2nd July, and will end on 3rd September.

Skotty is an experienced musician who works professionally in the field.His style can only be described as sonic sunshine. Pure unashamed good-vibes that beam from your speakers and put you in a radiant grove. His music makes you smile from the inside and do a little dance to yourself. And through his classes, you too will get to experience the joys and feel good vibes of learning a new skill.


Check out Skotty’s latest release here:


Still not convinced? Read the following outline of the course, and the reasons it is so beneficial:



Why Uke?

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Uke is fun. If you ever dreamt of learning an instrument, Ukulele is a great starter. Uke is portable, friendly, and offers a good life pursuit in your own quest to learn new things. It’s a great conversation starter, time killer and will make those around you smile.



What’s not to learn?

- - - - - - - - - - - -

You don’t have to be good at Uke to enjoy it. Equally, if you want to pursue it to prodigal levels, the challenge is there. From your first strum to the complexities of advanced playing; nobody stops learning Uke, we’re all just at different levels.



5 Song Strategy

- - - - - - - - - - - -

The aim is to get you up and playing five songs. From those five songs we will breakdown the basics of chords, strumming, timing and structure so that you finish the course with enough tools to start teaching yourself.



Uke Party!

- - - - - - - - - - - -

The goal is at the end of the course we throw a “Uke Party” in celebration and perform our five songs. Having a goal is a good idea to work toward and mark your own progress against. Sure, we’ll all be at different levels, but, we will still all be playing the same song together for fun!



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There are 2 options of packages to choose from:

'The Aloha', which consist on all the materials and classes. The Aloha does not include the Ukulele. You have to bring your Ukulele to the weekly classes on this package.


And 'The Mahalo', which includes the course materials, classes and the purchase of a beginner's Ukulele. You are able to choose from Small, Medium or Large Ukulele to be included in this package.

Please see packages below for pricing.


Course Duration: July 2nd - September 3rd

Class Day: Monday evening

Class Time: 6:15PM - 8:15PM

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