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Sustainable Surf Collab & Its New Look!

Over the past few weeks, the space outside of Sustainable Surf Collab has become a lot more vibrant and colourful. We are so excited to always keep on improving the visual aspect of the shop, especially with artworks from local talented artists. We will take you on a virtual walk around until you can make it here in person! ;)
Schmick Creations is the artist of the lush and thriving rainforest landscape where the presence of nature seems to be much more important than the modest tiny house sitting by the river. This three dimensional painting can take anyone daydreaming for quite a while, forgetting that we are actually looking at the cement wall of a multi-storey building. What a great way to bring some life in, whilst reminding us all of the beauty of these natural environments. We hope it inspires you to go for a bush walk sometime soon!
This next artist,  who has requested to remain anonymous, has contributed to our space with one of the most acclaimed mammals of the coast, our dearest whale. Since we all want to see them breaching all year round, why not have one represented in a realistic art piece in a size not so far from reality? As ocean lovers, it was a must to be reminded of the majestic creatures that share the salty waters with us on a regular basis. Much better than a plain garage door too!
Taking us on a more futuristic path, Scott Nagy used his talent to create our own cyborg, a creature half human/half plants that seems to be determined to resist the destruction that is affecting its beauty. Another profound artwork that can take us on a journey about what our future is made of, as well as about the impacts that we are having on our natural environment and that nature is having on us...
We are keeping one surprise for you in the near is a work in progress and will shortly have the finishing touches added to complete the new artistic look of SSC. Come down and visit us to possibly witness it happening live and/or to appreciate those incredible new art pieces on the outside area of our shop. You can also take the opportunity to grab your coffee or sandwich, enjoy one of our couches to read your favorite book or get one of your friends the best present they’ll ever receive, right from our sustainable surfing gear and accessories!
Sustainable Surf Collab is proud to promote local artists as well as sustainable alternatives for a responsible surfers’ lifestyle. Our shop only carries products that are sustainably sourced. Our intention is to carry a message through art and collaboration, reminding us all that we have the power to choose the impact that we want to have, in order to keep our oceans clean and healthy.
Special thanks to all the artists involved. We are deeply grateful for the message that your artworks are carrying.
By Mahi Paquette  
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