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Brand Ambassador: Ryan Roberts

Here at Panamuna we are excited to introduce our new Brand Ambassador, Ryan Roberts.  At the ripe old age of 17, Ryan is already a champion crusader for repairing the damage we have done to our planet, having a list of environmental conservation work a mile long.


Ryan has been a surfer since he was 3 years old.  He has travelled all throughout Indonesia and other third world countries experiencing some horrific world problems.  This inspired him to act.  With a Diploma in Business and a Certificate IV in Environmental Management and Sustainability, Ryan already has a good handle on what is needed.

As the project leader of a major biosecurity project for Reef Catchments, Ryan has educated tourists about how to practice proper bio secure travel habits when travelling between the Cumberland Islands in the Great Barrier Reef. Also in the Cumberland Islands, he has been involved in a large-scale effort to collect marine debris, which entailed auditing over a ton of debris that was washed up on the islands. He has presented this year at the 2019 Sustainability Symposium on the Gold Coast and was a panel member at the Knowledge Sharing Symposium: Subnational Climate Action in Asia-Pacific held in Brisbane.  He is a Project Leader for Silkwood School Clean Ups along the lane the school is located, as it is a notorious dumping ground for household waste, and he has assisted in winning a $500 grant for future clean ups and the production of signs to prevent the dumping of rubbish.

This month Ryan is leading a project for clean ups on South Stradbroke Island.  He, along with his mentor, will be taking over a large group of passionate environmentalists to clean up the debris washed up on the beaches during cyclone Oma.


With youth like Ryan, the health of our planet is definitely in good hands. And with an early offer into a Bachelor of Environmental Science at Griffith University for next year, we know that this list will only continue to grow. Welcome on board Ryan!

Ryan Roberts from Panamuna Project on Vimeo.